10 thoughts on “Last Dragonfly of the year

  1. @Iquitoz carnivore section. Quite a small zoo. Lions, tigers & Himalayan bears. Leopards & Clouded leopard, small cats. Also for some reason porcupines. I’ve a soft spot for African Crested Porcupines. How about you?

  2. @johnjohnston One yr training all sectors. 11 yrs birds. Hummers to cassowary. 5 yrs primates. Birds favorite. Liked mix of species. Worked with display plants. Last 10 yrs as the 1st Animal Commissary Administrator. Crew & I ordered/delivered supplies/food to all sections.

  3. @johnjohnston Enrichment and computer dating were the names of the game. Now it also includes rescues, saving habitat and so much more varied research. I am glad we were able to contribute our little part in educating the public and saving animals. Thanks for your part.

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