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  • Thinking about Laurie O’Donnell’s Glowing into the Future 17/10/2011 - I’ve spent a fair bit of time mulling over this post: Laurie O’Donnell » Glowing into the Future and writing a comment. This turned into more of a post than a comment. Laurie’s post was originally published in the TESS Glowing into the future may be easier said than done – News – TES and […]
  • #EDUScotICT small things – transcript 13/10/2011 - This is the transcript of a podcast episode I posed at edutalk: #EDUScotICT small things I had put my name down to talk for 3 minutes at the EDUscotICT conference on the 17th of October. I didn't get picked. The mail rejecting me suggested that I posted a presentation anyway. This is it, at least […]
  • Primary Games API = Games in Glow (and elsewhere) 11/07/2011 - I’ve been aware of the Primary Games Arena 1 for a while. I only noticed yesterday that it had an API The api lets you search for games and returns some xml. XML makes me think of Glow 2. Glow handle xml quite nicely, unfortunately for most teachers this needs a knowledge of XSL, which […]
  • A better Glow Login? 01/04/2011 - A while back I posted about a system for Simplifying the glow logon I was developing. Hopefully some folk in North Lanarkshire will be using this next term. Yesterday I was thinking about another way to improve the glow logon screen again along the lines suggested by Sean Farrell – logging into glow at TeachMeet […]
  • iPads and Glow 05/03/2011 -   iPad stand by tim_d Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License I was pretty impressed with the iPad 2 which was launched this week. Some nice new features and the speed bumps especially in JavaScript sound good. I’ve continued to test an iPad and this week I spent a wee bit of time using it to access glow. I’ve […]
  • ScotEduBlogs Update 12/02/2011 - Republished due to a wee bit of bother with the backend of my blog. At the weekend Robert added a new feature to ScotsEduBlogs: ScotEduBlogs Professional ScotsEduBlogs exists to help educational bloggers across Scotland to find each other and to talk to each other. It has been created by members of the blogging community, and […]
  • Glow Wikis 05/02/2011 - Glow has added wikis to it list of features. What is a wiki? (from wikipedia): A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites. The collaborative encyclopaedia Wikipedia is […]
  • Climate Change 31/01/2011 - Climate Change: information and resources for primary schools in Scotland a new site from LTS which looks great. The purpose of this online resource is to provide practitioners from early level onwards with high-quality, accurate and topical resources to help them teach about climate change within Curriculum for Excellence. Information, new and resources. The resources […]
  • Glaikit 06/01/2011 - This audio file was orginally posted to AudioBoo(m) with the mobile app. It has been downloaded and posted here since audioboom no longer supports free accounts.
  • Url shortner 03/11/2010 - Consolerium games guru Charile Love has come up with a pile of interesting stuff linked to his work and glow. A while back he published a guide to Creating Your Custom Glow Theme which has been very useful for me. Recently he has produce a url shortner for glow with a web interface, glow […]
  • Getting Started Blogging 3- Comments 23/10/2010 - This post is the third in an attempted series about getting started blogging loosely linked to the launch of glow blogs. Conversation by Rishi Menon Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License I’e always considered blogging to be 3 pronged activity, providing purpose, gaining an audience and starting a conversation. All of these factors can motivate pupils. Blogging can be […]
  • #ediff, tweets, gbl & amateur hacking 17/10/2010 -   Technologies for Learning Workshop Yesterday I attend the Technologies for Learning Workshop which was intended to form part of the initial exploration work contributing to the potential development of a Scottish Government Technologies for Learning Strategy. The invite came out of the blue a couple of weeks ago and I was unsure what to […]
  • 08/10/2010 - NB. posted in annoyance! A while ago I took the time to fill in the survey on the Glow Futures home page, and had a quick look at the forums. Like most other folk in education I am quite busy but intended to add my 2 pence worth. I’ve revisited the site a few times […]
  • Glow Light First Impressions 21/08/2010 - Glow light came online today yesterday: Glow Light is a new alternative Glow interface designed with a simpler ‘splash’ page. This ‘splash’ page will display a list of user specific links to allow easier navigation to other areas within the Glow portal. LTS have a video to show how it works:Glow Light – Making Glow […]
  • Getting Started Blogging 2 – What is it About 05/08/2010 - This post is the second in an attempted series about getting started blogging loosely linked to the launch of glow blogs. Have you see this: This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can […]
  • Getting Started Blogging 1 – Short Term blogs 24/07/2010 - With Glow blogs looking like they may stimulate the use of blogs in more Scottish classrooms I though I might put together a few posts about some ideas around starting to use blogs in the classroom. A few years ago I blogged about Starting Blogging in the Classroom with some advice that I still think […]
  • Videos in Glow- another way – TopUp 28/06/2010 - I’ve blogged a bit before about adapting glow to show video and audio. I’ve found another way to do it using the TopUp Javascript library and jQuery Here is a screencast to show how it works: This goes in an xml webpart in glow: Here is what is going on: Line 1 includes the jQuery […]
  • Glow Gets Blogs 27/06/2010 - Yesterday saw the launch of blogs in Glow. A much requested feature from the beginning it is great to see Glow getting into a web 2 world at last. To set up your blog you need to have creating a blog allowed by your ASM, after that you just add a Blog webpart to a […]
  • MP3 players in Glow 30/05/2010 - A while ago I blogged about adding some functionality to glow: Glow Kludges, in a fairly crude way. This technique for embedding players for audio and video content into glow semi- automatically has proved useful to several teachers and classes and in a few groups I’ve created. I’ve managed to refine some of this a […]
  • Glowing Thursdays – Podcasting 28/03/2010 -
  • Glow forums – Worth the wait 21/03/2010 - I guess this will be blogged and tweeted a fair bit, 3 years ago I hopeful posted: Unfortunately I have found navigating the discussions very clunky. lots of scrolling and clicking, neither of the two views let you read and respond with out a lot of clicking. It is hard to follow discussions that you […]


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