I’ve blogged a bit before about adapting glow to show video and audio. I’ve found another way to do it using the TopUp Javascript library and jQuery

Here is a screencast to show how it works:

This goes in an xml webpart in glow:

Here is what is going on:

Line 1 includes the jQuery Library hosted by google.

We then have a simple script using the library.

Line 3 setting jQuery to noConflict, this means that we use jQuery for our main function name rather than the $ shortcut. I am not sure if I need to do this but it fixed some early experiments.

Line 5, this is where we use jQuery, we use it to add a css class of top_up to any link that links to an m4v file.

Line 9 add the TopUp javascript library from gettopup.com. This is enough to make m4v videos play in a popup window but in the last bit of the script we just ajust some settings.

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