A day to go in Week two of 23 Things so a rather rushed approach.

Thing 3: Digital Footprint, reading includes:

It is important for you to think about how you manage your activity online in the context of your emerging professional identity (or identities) and what you need to do to manage an effective online presence and your digital footprint.

‎ Student e-Professionalism
Which sums up the problem fairly nicely.

after the reading the task was to Google yourself. Go to Google.com, type in your name, and see what results come up.

The first thing to note is that I am redirected to google.co.uk


From as owning own my name pov this looks pretty good. The fly in the ointment is the location. The only John Johnston higher than me is a Glasgow photographer.

It turns out it is quite hard to get results from google without using your location (I googled it). So I gave up and turned to Duck Duck go.


No Glasgow photographer, no G+ and I am a bit further down the listing.

An image search finds me quite far down the results, with only my twitter icons on the first page.


I had a look on Facebook, where I have an seldom used account, I was not even on the page, even filtering for Glasgow.

Having a common name makes me harder to find, I am not sure if this is a good thing or not.

I’ve just returned to classroom teaching after a break of 8 years. This is a different world than the one I left. It is apparent from talking to the pupils that some of them have looked me up online. One has followed me on twitter. I don’t think anyone would find anything disturbing in my social streams, but some of the content might be a bit strange. I’ll need to live with that.

The other day in class we were talking about copyright and image use. This is hard for the age group I am dealing with (8-10 years). At one point I lead them to my FlickrCC Stampr page, which can be useful in attribution for pupils. The only trouble is that it was easiest to point them to the link on johnjohnston.info which doesn’t not look like a primary teachers site. Again I’ll need to live with that.

There are many John Johnstons that are a lot more interesting than me, this is my current favourite:

Liver Eating Johnson was a violent, drunk, mountain of a man who didn’t have a very high reputation but was by no doubt the most fearless fighter and he became a legend.  Johnston was built like a brick wall with a towering height over six feet tall and weighing 280 pounds none of which was fat.

Skyler Gabel Cody 8th Grade quoted on from: John Liver Eating Johnston – Home
his name seems to be spelt with and without a t.

Update, Alan’s comment reminded me of Automating autocomplete Gifs so:

Featured Image a screenshot of google search results for johnjohnston, copyright, confused.

7 thoughts on “I don’t even like liver

  1. I know you are the fur trader, not the liver eater 😉

    I did a search in a Chrome incognito window, wonder how different that is for you than Duck Duck. There’s a lot of uncertainty what google uses to sort. I did enjoy the auto complete there, especially “ballistic radio” https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3J3hv1B8VO1X1hINVpBX0hTeWc/view?usp=sharing

    Just for comparison, here is the results from google.com w/o me logged in (from the in cognito window)


    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks, ballistic radio fires 106 bullets!

      I had tried using incognito and stopping chrome from using my location, google still gave me Glasgow results, “Glasgow – From your Internet address ” I couldn’t figure out how to kill that. I believe in the past I could swap to google.com, but there are no links for that and manual attempts redirect to .co.uk

  2. Yes, in the past we could do .com and no more…
    I loved this post, it was my bed time reading last night. A nice example of how important it is to have the skill to explore our footprint, not just as a one-of but regularly.
    And you did make me laugh with your title.

    Off to find a vintage poster to up-cycle for Ballistic Radio Explodes every sunday…

  3. This is always such an interesting exercise, especially the variety of information we find, or don’t find. I really like the way you’ve taken the screenshots to show where on the result lists your information is coming up. Doing multiple checks in different browsers, and using different search engines is also a great way to cover all the bases.

    Oh neat! I like the auto-complete gif script! Definitely going to play around with that myself now.

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