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Free the Groom

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Now this is weird.


Given we can’t waste time I dug out a processing script I’d used before. I can’t recall where I got the original, or what changes I made, but it looks like I simplified it a lot and exported a series of frames to gifs. Stitched these together in FireWorks.

Cutting Noir Corners

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When you have been in this game as long as I have you get a little slow. No way I can keep up with the young operatives without cutting some corners.

We were asked to keep an eye on Davey Gordon a pug without much of a chin. I looked over some surveillance footage and cutback on the groundwork with some tech.

I’ve got 880 shots on the light box, Killer’s Kiss, which lets me look for clues (here is how I made the lightbox), some just jumped out at me:


Not so much noir but Kubrickian symmetry, remember Kubrick // One-Point Perspective on Vimeo.

I am keeping an eye on these characters:



The police seem to be on the case:


And here are some great shots:

Coming out fighting:


The Postman’s Noir Cat

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Not got much time for typing. Just finished working through this week’s demands. Strange things afoot. I am no sure how seriously to take cats in a story. But you have to do some research in this business no matter how strange. I’m not making the right connections but some things are aligning up….



And this is what I am hearing:

The audio was knocked up in a few minutes, Paul has a nice voice. The technique I used will be in a post tomorrow or the day after. I am planning a supercut tutorial too.

Character Cutting

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So Burtus was on my case pretty fast last week, trying to get a fix on me. I guess I didn’t drop enough clues. The deal was I should reveal some history, some of my favorite places, that might have given her a clue. For the folk less agile that Burtus, I’ll spell it out. I’ve been down south where the sky ain’t sentimental. I ran into a bit of bother, nothing I couldn’t handle.

Anyhow I was intrigued enough to listen to the second message on my machine. When you have more than one client things can get tricky, and this is tricky times four.

This week Groom seems to be sucking up to Burtus big time.

I saw a couple of Burtus other performances too (here and here). She is trying to come over cashmere, soften the message a bit, but she is still all steel. Wants everything her way, reports for Sunday night.

All 4 of the clients are demanding, well they can keep that up, I’ll steer my own course through this business.

Another familiar face showed up here last week. Quite a character for such a sweet face. Worth keeping you eye on Tina if you are in this game.

So, among this week’s unreasonable demands was instructions to dig into some character. I started leafing through some old cases. I got interested in Frank Bigelow, but that turned into a wild goose chase.

The Words and pictures just didn’t line up. I dived back into the files. I was looking for words and pictures at the right time and struck gold:

You can tell a lot about a character from watching others talk about them. These guys are pieces of work.

Supercut note: srt files don’t always line up with the video. I tried a couple of apps to adjust and match srts I downloaded to go with D.O.A. They didn’t work. SubShifter – Online SRT Subtitle Resync Tool looks promising for another time.

It’s Late, it’s Noir

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It’s Late, it’s Noir

I flew in from a week south of the border the other night and took the long drive home. Waiting in my messages were a couple of odd ones. Burtis, Bond and Groom making unreasonabled demands.
I was going to ignore it, not let these three jokers push me around. I am not on the payroll. I’ve already missed the first deadline.
But there is something that catches my imagination. Something starts to hook In to my thoughts. Nagging at the back of my mind.
I pour a glass and start thinking. Burtis sounds like she is in charge. Bond laying back dark and mysterious taking over when needed. Groom slipping on and off the dial, a bit flaky hard to say if it’s an act?
Of course they are asking too much. They always do. They’ve laid out a web of links, suggestions, clues to nothing and nowhere. I’ve been doing this too long to just tag along. I’ve got my own methods. I’ll look around in my own way. Check the margins see what shakes out. I am a week behind, but then, this stuff isn’t going anywhere fast…