Simple CC Flickr Search


This is a way to search for, and stamp with attribution, Flickr images that you can use. It is designed with school pupils and mobile in mind.

You can use the images in blog posts, presentations etc and not worry about attribution. You can also generate an html embed code with attribution and link to the source flickr page,. this can be pasted into an html/text blog editor.


  1. Put a word in the search box and click Find.
  2. If there is more than one page you can go through the pages by clicking the >> or using the numbers below the thumbnails
  3. Click on a thumbnail to see larger version of a photo, choose a size and create a stamped image with attribution or some html.
  4. On iOS Hold your finger on the photo until a Save dialog opens to save an image. On the desktop images should download automatically.
Ian Guest Created a youtube tutorial to show how to use an earler version.


This is an attempt and work in progress to write a semi-useful web app for teaching.

The photos found by the search are all ones with licenses that allow derivative works.

using the phpFlickr to search and GD to stamp the photos, jQuery to load the stamped images.

NB, flickr safe search is on.

This started from a couple of other projects here. If you go to you will be redirected here, but you can still use the old site: