10 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. @johnjohnston I used Fireworks a LOT back in the 2000s when it was still a Macromedia product, for designing front-ends for CDs and DVDs that I was putting together for clients. But once I left full-time employment in 2012 that need diminished dramatically, and then Adobe announced that it would no longer be developed and it was relegated to the background of Creative Cloud. I’m surprised that it kept going this long.

  2. @wearsmanyhats I remember saying to one of the Adobe folks at the conference, “It must be so nice working with products that get people so excited.” (Now I don’t install anything from Adobe anymore. )

    It was fun being a web designer when things were first getting rolling. So much interesting creative software to make it easier to build things we were making pretty much by hand.

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