After bookmarking the Locus Sonus Stream Project the other day I saw a link to Soundcamp 2023 on Caught by the River. This lead to:

REVEIL 10 – Call | Announce

Saturday 6 to Sunday 7 May 2023

On Dawn Chorus Day, Reveil will make its tenth annual day-long loop of earth, travelling west on live audio feeds sent in by streamers around sunrise.

from: REVEIL 24+1 hour daybreak broadcast — Call | Announce

There seems to be several ways to join in, Raspberry Pis, computers and mobiles. Looks like icecast technology.

I would be quite interested in joining in. Dawn is around 5:30am in Glasgow on the 6th April.

Some of the locations on the  Locus Sonus Stream Project  make nice background noise, birds and burns from around the world.


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