Liked Autonomy Online: A Case For The IndieWeb — Smashing Magazine (Smashing Magazine)
There is an alternative to corporate bubbles online — it’s called the IndieWeb. Build your own personal websites, control your online presence, and learn on your own terms.

My current website is a constant work in progress but I have a lot of joy when I scroll through my archives. I am always excited to improve it and try new things, I can break it and fix it at my own pace and I don’t have a deadline on it. It is my safe space.

Autonomy Online: A Case For The IndieWeb — Smashing Magazine

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I remember reading the original posts that led to the book 25 Years of Ed Tech. I look forward to listening to the collaborative audio version.

Thanks for sharing this Aaron, it looks as it it will be great. Amazing lineup. Subscribed.

25 Years of Ed Tech: The Audio Version

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Free, fun and from Monday, come and follow-a-long with your class or at home! Next week at… You can be there live or watch the recordings later #eucodeweek #swiftplaygrounds #coding

EU Code Week 2020 – Quick Start to Coding with Swift Looks great Steve.

Listened Bryan Mathers from
Bryan Mathers (@BryanMMathers). If you've ever had the chance to look at the stickers tattooed on an educational technologist's laptop, chances are you've come across some of Bryan's @visualthinkery. In this episode, we chat about how words going into Bryan's ear turns to art coming out of his stylus.

Enjoyed listening to Terry Greene @greeneterry, interview @BryanMMathers about his visual work in education and other areas. Bryan’s working methods sound very relaxed, love the remix riffs.

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the assumption that everything can be broken down into a sequence that can (and should) be learned by people in the same order. I just think, for me at least, learning doesn’t work like that.

Learning does not work for me like that either Doug, serendipity, excitement, rabbit holes & fascination are usually the drivers for me.

something kicks in

& then I am lost in it. I often believe this will change lots of things and emerge blinking to reality.

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Often I share a screen recording so that others can follow along with tips, processes and generally shared knowledge. However the screen recordings produced by macOS are huge! Here’s how to share smaller recordings, using the command-line version of HandBrake and Hazel

I make a lot of short screencasts and often use Handbrake to reduce the file size. This looks like a great idea.

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In the meantime, I’m reaching back to my recent past with the animated posters, but with a new approach. I’m going to try and build a classic movie poster a week using HTML/CSS. The first is Harper, a poster for the 1966 Paul Newman film. I came across it through my Flickr feed of all things.

I always love Michael Branson Smith‘s work/play which I came across via ds106 his animated movie posters are special.

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#WikiLovesMonuments 2020, the world's largest photo competition,comes to an end for another year. Camera with flashFlag of ScotlandClapping hands sign Well done Scotland, you smashed it! Double last year's tally.

I always mean to join in on this, maybe next year…