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#tdc3243 #ds106 Surroundings

Victoria Park Pond, Bright November Day
#tdc3243 #ds106 The first bright day for a while

See: waterfowl, runners, dog walkers, autumn leaves & a blue sky
Feel: Winter sun, frustrated, crowded, thankful
Hear: chatter, traffic, playground kids
Smell: Cold water, winter coming
Taste: tail of my after lunch coffee

Read: Pine by Francine Toon ★★★★☆ “Gothic Horror” is well out of my usual reading zone, but I enjoyed the slow introduction of the hopeless father & his daughter in the highlands. 📚

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Thanks for the affirmation, Ian, currently swimming thru tons of #TeachMeet research data (yep, same dna as Pedagoo, BrewEd, CampEd). Key features: non-hierarchical, open, peer-to-peer. So far, *sharing* is the definitive value emerging from this global appreciative inquiry; tbc.

Along with avoiding @ewanmcintosh’s “keynote-speaker-sponsor-driven” & keeping to
@magsamond’s “non-hierarchical, open, peer-to-peer” I think early #teachmeet principals of everyone being willing to participate & serendipity of random were interesting ways to change dynamics.

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Bribing children is so tempting. What they want, especially when they're young, is sometimes so cheap, so easy to acquire, that the temptati...

Found via @dgilmour.

50 years ago, Edward Deci gave different groups of students a Soma cube puzzle to solve. Some were paid to take part, others weren’t. When he announced that the time was up, the students that were paid to work on the task just put the cube down and walked away.

David’s tweet also lead to

Comments on ClassDojo controversy and Killer Apps for the Classroom? by Ben Williamson

I’ve never been a great one for points and the like in class, mostly due to my inability to be consistent enough in their use and unexamined distaste.

There are echos in the Doing Data Differently project. I’ve been listening to some of the colloquium videos and finding them though provoking.

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So what the bleep is this? Well, OBS Studio or Open Broadcast Software. What it offers is quite incredible and is a credit to what open source software can be. It lets you create composite scenes for video, switching between, and actually do the live streaming. It’s a digital video studio, and offers everything I used like 10 years ago running live streams from Second Life with Wirecast ($500+ software).

Hi Alan,
Thanks for this. Earlier in the year when schools were closed here I was racking what is left of my memory for a piece of freeware I used to use (perhaps pre osx) that did a little of this, system extension maybe.. I think I used it with Marritech…
OSB looks marvellous I’ll certainly try it if we go back into school closures here.

And your side rant nails it!