The weather outside is frightful, but I want to avoid the usual internet distractions. A while ago I signed up for the Vmail newsletter. This is from and seems to be put together from stuff submitted by anyone! One of the items was Wilderness Land a map of links generated from a google spreadsheet […]

One of the things I love about open education in general, and open educational resources in particular, is the creative potential they offer to find, use, reuse, create and recreate such a wealth of diverse content and resources. Lorna Campbell: Creativity, serendipity and open content | Open World The post has some lovely examples of sources […]

I woke up the other morning morning to a bit of serendipity in my RSS reader that cheered me up. First I read Alan’s great post Don’t Be a Platform Pawn. Next up was Marco Arment Linking and quoting Waffle on Social Media which quoted in turn Community Services which pointed to What’s a Twitter […]

My own memory (and blog) tells me Web 2.0 was blogs, wikis, delicious, flickr & rss before it was twitter & facebook. I remember thinking it was the power to pull and aggregate without a great deal of technical know how that was exciting. Back in 2007 I didn’t welcome Facebook. I am pretty pleased […]

Microsoft Thinks You’ve Been Missing Your Commute in Lockdown – WSJ Teams’ morning commute experience hasn’t been finalized, but will involve asking users to write a short list of things they want to accomplish that day, Ms. Janardhan said. It also will ask how users are feeling before they start work. If they say they […]