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Thanks for the affirmation, Ian, currently swimming thru tons of #TeachMeet research data (yep, same dna as Pedagoo, BrewEd, CampEd). Key features: non-hierarchical, open, peer-to-peer. So far, *sharing* is the definitive value emerging from this global appreciative inquiry; tbc.

Along with avoiding @ewanmcintosh’s “keynote-speaker-sponsor-driven” & keeping to
@magsamond’s “non-hierarchical, open, peer-to-peer” I think early #teachmeet principals of everyone being willing to participate & serendipity of random were interesting ways to change dynamics.

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  1. Fine by me. I think we’d always retain programmed talks but having one or more floor spot like at the folk club would help dispell any ‘us and them’. I think of #BrewEd as ‘a kind of TeachMeet’ really. Certianly have never defined in opposition.

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