A small example of the H5P Find Multiple Hotspots content type in Glow Blogs.

I was intrigued how these wee chicks survived given the number of dogs walked along this shore in addition to plenty of gulls & crows who I would expect to enjoy a plover chick dinner. Even the adults are quite hard to spot.

I am building a collection of H5P examples on Glow Blogs. I’ve also been using it to make some spelling crosswords, word-searches and cloze procedures for my class using the North Lanarkshire spelling word list.

“Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton Warns of the “Existential Threat” of AI | Amanpour and Company – YouTube

That’s a very different threat from many other threats, which also severe.
So they include these things like robots taking away jobs.
In a decent society, that would be great.
It would mean everything got more productive and everyone was better off.
But the danger is that it’ll make the rich richer and the poor poorer.
That’s not AI’s fault.
That’s how we organize society.

Following up on comment and links from Dan Kelleher. I listened to this video. Quite a different take from Professor Bender’s. A different set of warnings and problems. The quote above is not just about the dangers that Geoffrey Hinton discusses, but I think is applicable to many technology problems, In a decent society, that would be great.

Read: The Apparition Phase by Will Maclean ★★★★★ 📚
Flawless seventies recreation. Suburban, gothic, ghosts, teenage energy all with a depth of detail. No modern language, attitudes or slip up. Exciting too.

Grid of photos, from Top Left: Bog Cotton; Sput Ban; Ben Oss over the Allt Oss; Ben Oss near the top; map showing there photos were taken; Loch Oss; Cloudberry flower; Sea Eagle soaring on blue sky;Stonechat sitting on bracken
Before I’d even reached the sheep creep under the railway it was a good day. Warblers singing, swallows swooping, a large golden olive dragonfly shone in the sun. A buzzard flew over. The opposite of soul destroying. More notes & photos on the walkmap