Like a lot of folk who read blogs I use a feed reader to keep up with quite a few blogs. Most of the blogs I follow fall into unsurprising categories and are loosely organised into folders: edublogs, scotedublogs, tech, edu tech, mac tech, web tech and the like.

But there are a some that do not follow into these categories and I though it worth noting a few favourites just for fun.

  • tinywords: haiku & other small poems I always like teaching poetry when I taught in primary school. Haiku, lunes and other short poems were a favourite, very useful for introducing blogging to pupils as you could get a lot of practise in a fairly short time. Tinywords is a great site, small poems drop in to your reader everyday with a quiet splash.
  • Stephs Blog this is my brother’s hill running blog. I’ve next to no interest in running anywhere never mind up a hill but I enjoy visiting Stephen’s world once a week. Not only impresses me with times, miles ran and metres climbed but some nice photos and interesting psychology between the lines.
  • The Urban Fly Fisher I was a very keen fly fisher in my teenage years and spent a fair bit of my thirties walking my daughter through the botanics and along the River Kelvin. I doubt I very much that ever fish again but this blog is consistently interesting, fishing, the politics of fishing the Kelvin, conservation, the urban environment all with a local twist.

What blogs do you read outside of your main interests?

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