Jim Birney of Fife Education:

I believe many of us have been trusted when we have encouraged our schools to use the glow e-portfolios. We are the people our schools will turn to if there are problems in the migration!

from: Moving e-portfolios to a Microsoft blog « The Scottish ICT Development Group

Wp Blue Ripped

I’ve been composing a post about this for a week or so now, but Jim Birney has nailed all the main points. If you are interested in ict in Scottish education you should read it.

It would seem to be strange indeed to abandon all the work and effort that has gone on in Scotland to create over 70,000 blogs/eportfolios and take a new track. I can think of no reason for this nor have I seen any. Please let me know?

It is not as if I am a wordpress true believer, this is not a wordpress blog but…

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