14 thoughts on “Watch the Birdie

  1. @johnjohnston Hah. Those camera housings just sitting around in some random spot! Round here the wind would have taken them away in moments. Not that it’s windy all the time, but there is a reason why the lids on my quail runs have tires to hold them down.

  2. @johnjohnston Uh oh. That looks great and I think even I could do it. I’ve located where I can buy the gear (from Australia) for less than NZ$100. What a great site Nature Watch is. Thanks for the info.

  3. @Miraz I’c not seen the video either added to the site since I found it. Wind could be a problem. We get a lot of empty shots of swinging feeders. I am surprised you have to get a raspberry pi all the way from Australia! I used a standard pi rather than the nano. Some folk complained of the nanos overheating.

  4. @Miraz @johnjohnston There’s an untold variety of Raspberry Pi gear available on Amazon too. I wouldn’t worry too much about a heat sink in the future. I’ve been running a Raspberry Pi 3 as a little server for years and I’ve never had heat issues (and it gets up to 30° here in the summer).

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