Gannet on Bass Rock

Over a year ago I started looking for a new camera. A few weeks ago I finally bought one. The compromise was the lack of a view finder.

I used the camera for a week then sent it back. The first time I’ve every done that!

There was a lot to like about it. It was the same size as my old PowerShot SX10 IS. Fitted in its case but was lighter.

Some of the photos I took were as good as I could hope for. I don’t really think or know much about photography. The idea was to have a zoom for when things were to far away for my phone.

Unfortunately the lack of a view finder made taking photos completely hit or miss. Even in fairly dull days I couldn’t see through the screen. When the zoom was out this got worse. I pointed half-depressed the shutter to hopefully focus and clicked! This was too auto even for me.

So back it went. I am now trying to make my mind up about an alternative that suits my budget. I’ve not had much luck reading reviews which seem to be aimed at a more technical reader and not really opinionated. If there was a SX 540 with a view finder I’d get that.

This post was inspired by Andrew Canion’s Blogvember Prompt List. This arrived in at he same time as #mbnov, microblogvember.

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