Having failed to find time to post about various interesting things at SLF this year, this is more of a link list.


As usual I enjoyed and got a great deal from talking to colleagues and friends from all over Scotland. There was certainly a feel of the Festival having been cut back in space and attendance. The keynotes not using the Armadillo I watched the Minister’s opening on a screen in the main hall. Not being one who can parse political stuff the only comment I have is he left a lot open to discussion.

A couple of seminars I went to:

Shipbuilding Glow Pilot Project – Testing the Waters Maeve Dixon () Learning Development Officer, Clydebank Museum) a lovely big school project involving:

  • real stuff the museum
  • real people ex shipbuilders
  • lots of in school making and doing, a huge ship launch for parents
  • virtual stuff, glow meets with the museum and a glow group

Games Design Transition Project Charlie Love, Principal Teacher, Cults Academy

David Muir gives good coverage of several seminars: EdCompBlog: Scottish Learning Festival

I didn’t get much from the reduced trade show this year most interesting stalls for me were where I had a good chat about IOs and language learning with Mark Pentleton a source of info way beyond his business offering Radio Lingua

I also enjoyed talking to Gerry Queen, Ruth Washbrook and David S. C. Griffith about Moving Image Education I recodes a couple of quick boos: Scotland on Screen and MIE for EDUtalk. David went on to provide me with a great deal of food for though that I’ll be following up at: Scotland on Screen, Languages on Screen – Home Page and Screening Shorts.


Probably the smoothest organisation of any teachmeet I’ve been to. I posted a quick boo the next day: TeachMeet SLF11.

TeachMeet SLF11 (mp3)

There are a good deal of presentations, audio etc coming on line at: Teachmeet SLF2011 – Teachmeet SLF2011 Posts and I am posting to EDUtalk – Filed under ‘tmslf11’ as fast as I can chop up the audio.

There is also a good deal of post party discussion about TeachMeet both on twitter and blogs:

Where I put in my 2d worth.

A lotof the informal & valuable chat I had with a pile of folk swung round the forthcoming changes in Glow (see the eduscotict wiki). I missed the #tmslf11 – Round Table – Glow: Love it/Hate it/Want it but from Drew Burrett’s post a lot of sense was collected.

Two years ago David Noble and myself started a open to all podcasting project: SLFtalk, “a project to gather the voices of educators attending the Scottish Learning Festival 2009“.

The idea was to hear from a range of folk attending SLF 2009, gathering their experiences and opinions. It was, in my opinion a success.

Shortly after SLF09 we took the idea forward with EDUtalk – Audio publishing by educators, using mobile devices 1 and over the last two years and we have had 332 audio files posted on EDUtalk.cc.

This year it looks like LTS Education Scotlandare joining in the fun. They have a AudioBoo channel, Glow Radio and it looks like they are going to be tagging their boos so that they will be picked up by EDUtalk. AudioBoo is only one of the ways you can add your voice to EDUtalk.

There is an ongoing open invitation to anyone interested in Education to add their voice to EDUtalk.

Obviously it would be great to get some reports and thoughts about the Scottish Learning Festival or #EduScotICT from a wide a range of voices as possible.

Instructions for adding your audio to EDUtalk are on the site: How to EDUtalk and both David (@parslad) and I (@johnjohnston) are happy to help or try and answer any questions.

If you are going to SLF11 please pick up your phone and EDUtalk.

1. I’ve blogged about this a fair bit