Having failed to find time to post about various interesting things at SLF this year, this is more of a link list.


As usual I enjoyed and got a great deal from talking to colleagues and friends from all over Scotland. There was certainly a feel of the Festival having been cut back in space and attendance. The keynotes not using the Armadillo I watched the Minister’s opening on a screen in the main hall. Not being one who can parse political stuff the only comment I have is he left a lot open to discussion.

A couple of seminars I went to:

Shipbuilding Glow Pilot Project – Testing the Waters Maeve Dixon () Learning Development Officer, Clydebank Museum) a lovely big school project involving:

  • real stuff the museum
  • real people ex shipbuilders
  • lots of in school making and doing, a huge ship launch for parents
  • virtual stuff, glow meets with the museum and a glow group

Games Design Transition Project Charlie Love, Principal Teacher, Cults Academy

David Muir gives good coverage of several seminars: EdCompBlog: Scottish Learning Festival

I didn’t get much from the reduced trade show this year most interesting stalls for me were where I had a good chat about IOs and language learning with Mark Pentleton a source of info way beyond his business offering Radio Lingua

I also enjoyed talking to Gerry Queen, Ruth Washbrook and David S. C. Griffith about Moving Image Education I recodes a couple of quick boos: Scotland on Screen and MIE for EDUtalk. David went on to provide me with a great deal of food for though that I’ll be following up at: Scotland on Screen, Languages on Screen – Home Page and Screening Shorts.


Probably the smoothest organisation of any teachmeet I’ve been to. I posted a quick boo the next day: TeachMeet SLF11.

TeachMeet SLF11 (mp3)

There are a good deal of presentations, audio etc coming on line at: Teachmeet SLF2011 – Teachmeet SLF2011 Posts and I am posting to EDUtalk – Filed under ‘tmslf11’ as fast as I can chop up the audio.

There is also a good deal of post party discussion about TeachMeet both on twitter and blogs:

Where I put in my 2d worth.

A lotof the informal & valuable chat I had with a pile of folk swung round the forthcoming changes in Glow (see the eduscotict wiki). I missed the #tmslf11 – Round Table – Glow: Love it/Hate it/Want it but from Drew Burrett’s post a lot of sense was collected.

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