I spent the afternoon at BarCampScotland BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment.

Organised by

and others it was the first BarCamp in Scotland. Interesting for lots of reasons. The idea is that everyone there should present a short session.

I was there with

to talk about ScotEduBlogs (my slides).

Robert Jones and John Johnston

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and I met for lunch at Susie’s Wholefood Diner and had a wee yack about ScotEduBlogs, it was great to accually meet Robert after a few months of online collaboration.

I pretty much stuck to education presentations:

Ian Stuart talking about Islay High School amazing project to embed ict in all areas, give all the children an UMPC and lots more. A really exciting project. I had a quick play with one of Ian’s UMPCs which was a great tool for children, nice handwriting recognition, they looked really usable and portable.

Digitalkatie talked about giving all the children in her school mobile devices too, another exciting and motivational project.

One of the problems I had was not writing down the location and time of all the speaker at BarCamp. So I was a few minutes late for Tess‘s discussion of Glow her report of how her pupils took to glow was very reassuring as was the screenshot of the primary pupil view of the portal. I feel a lot more positive about glow after hearing from a real classroom. I am still a bit worried about losing our international audience.

I also watched a couple of nice podcasting presentations and a very interesting higher edu blogging one, unfortunately I didn’t get a link from these, due to lack of attention to the speaker boards and the fact I did not take a laptop with me.

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One of the big plusses of the ScotEduBlogs site is the production of aggregated, time sorted rss feeds. I’ve just added this feed to my sidebar on the left. If you click on the ScotEduBlogs Latest link on the left it will a list of the latest education blog posts from around Scotland.

In Pivot I add this by putting [[rss:http://www.scotedublogs.org.uk/blogs/rss]] in my template.

If you are using wordpress (like a lot of Scots Edu blogs) you can use the RSS Sidebar Widget as I did on the scotedublogs aggregation blog.

(thumbnail)There are all sorts of other ways to use the feed, from subscribing to it in your feedreader to grabbing it in other applications.

I’m playing with the Dashcode Beta and have crudely adapted the RSS desktop widget to display the ScotEduBlogs feed. Click on the image on the right to see the widget in action.

It still needs some testing and the application of some graphics, but if you are using Mac OS x 10.4 you can download it and try it out.

I just posted some news to the scotedublogs aggregation blog but it looks like there might be a wee problem with wordpress.com:

So I am going to post it here too and Andrew might be best staying with self hosting after all;-)

I posted about the new feature

has added, a Stats page. This looks as if it might be useful analysing what goes on in the SEB world. The first thing I noticed was the post dinner peak you can also see the dip at the weekend, when I do most of my blogging.

has also added a ScotEduBlogs Wiki to the ScotEduBlogs site.

I was also going to post about the mockup for the ScotEduBlogs.org.uk site which I’ve just updated.

Since we have had no entries over at scotedublogs » ScotEduBlogs Logo I made the logo myself. Please let me know what you think about the design here or join in the discussion at the scotedublogs development group.

Seb wee LogoI’ve started a new blog: scotedublogs aggregation this is a blog to discuss and support the ScotEduBlogs news: index site.The Development of ScotEduBlogs news: index continues and is being discussed on the Google Groups: scotedublogs_devel. That group is full of fairy geeky programmers stuff, as well as some more mundane discussion that I can join in.
But for a lot of busy ScotsEduBloggers there is a wee bit too much of the technical side. So we have started the scotedublogs aggregation.
hopefully the blog will discuss some of the ScotEduBlogs News sites features, plan some of the help and information that will eventually end up on the site and show folk how to use it.
Although I have started the site, the ScotEduBlogs news project is open source software so it would be really great if other people would be interested in helping to edit the blog. So if you are interesting in adding your two pence worth to the News Project please get in touch.

SEB Logo

Over at the ScotEduBlogs news: index site


have be working flat out. You can keep read Pete: ScotEduBlogs and Robert’s post and comments to keep up or cut over to scotedublogs_devel | Google Groups to watch or join the development.

I am trying to work on the design as I can’t contribute code. Feel free to join in with anything, but especially:

The ScotEduBlogs Logo competition

We need a logo, preferably 790 pixels by 180 or so. It should reflect Scotland, blogging and sharing/ Open source software.

I am not sure about the judging process, probably a poll on the wiki.

First prize: fame, and the right to stick a open source license on you logo;-)

You can also join in with suggestions as to how this project should look, perform, features you would like to see, Robert and Pete are not only open to suggestions they seem to add them faster than I can think ’em up.

If you are a ScotsEduBlogger you should also go over to the site and check to see if you are listed. If not add yourself, if you are check your tags and edit them to your preference.

Please blog about the project so that as many SEBloggers can join in the process.

I just want to point to Robert‘s post about Scotedublogs – A New Hub for Scottish Educational Blogs which is pretty wonderful news.

Teachers doing it for themselves;-)

What is great about this project, like the Scotedublogs wiki is the fact that anyone can join in and influence the project. Robert and Peter are doing the heavy lifting (code/programming) at the moment, but anyone can help with that or just an opinion on what needs to be done or the best way to do it. I am no coder, but I can put in my 2 pence worth about features, design etc as can anyone else.

Check out Robert‘s post, the Scots Edu Blogs Aggregation Project page on the Scotedublogs wiki, the discussion group and the project itself: www.scotedublogs.org.uk.