Seb wee LogoI’ve started a new blog: scotedublogs aggregation this is a blog to discuss and support the ScotEduBlogs news: index site.The Development of ScotEduBlogs news: index continues and is being discussed on the Google Groups: scotedublogs_devel. That group is full of fairy geeky programmers stuff, as well as some more mundane discussion that I can join in.
But for a lot of busy ScotsEduBloggers there is a wee bit too much of the technical side. So we have started the scotedublogs aggregation.
hopefully the blog will discuss some of the ScotEduBlogs News sites features, plan some of the help and information that will eventually end up on the site and show folk how to use it.
Although I have started the site, the ScotEduBlogs news project is open source software so it would be really great if other people would be interested in helping to edit the blog. So if you are interesting in adding your two pence worth to the News Project please get in touch.

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