I just caught up with the last Booruch which I forgot to load onto the ipod before going on the Netherlands trip and suddenly remembered it just before I left to walk to the shops.

David interviews Dave Cain who is behind the great Pencaitland Primary Blog. A lovely interview Dave C, a probationer, has embraced blogging with ease and confidence. Great ideas for using a blog with younger primary pupils. I am pleased that David continues to find scotEduBlogs.org.uk useful.

The gentle optimism of Booruch makes it my most regularly listed to podcast along the the frequently silly and useful Geek!Ed!.

Popping over to Booruch to grab the links I noticed David’s twitter:

Walked around the village with my class; sharing the task of aligning our map with satellites (GPS) as we produce our Mediascape.

It would have been nice to be in David’s class today.

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