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have be working flat out. You can keep read Pete: ScotEduBlogs and Robert’s post and comments to keep up or cut over to scotedublogs_devel | Google Groups to watch or join the development.

I am trying to work on the design as I can’t contribute code. Feel free to join in with anything, but especially:

The ScotEduBlogs Logo competition

We need a logo, preferably 790 pixels by 180 or so. It should reflect Scotland, blogging and sharing/ Open source software.

I am not sure about the judging process, probably a poll on the wiki.

First prize: fame, and the right to stick a open source license on you logo;-)

You can also join in with suggestions as to how this project should look, perform, features you would like to see, Robert and Pete are not only open to suggestions they seem to add them faster than I can think ’em up.

If you are a ScotsEduBlogger you should also go over to the site and check to see if you are listed. If not add yourself, if you are check your tags and edit them to your preference.

Please blog about the project so that as many SEBloggers can join in the process.

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