I’ve not blogged about ScotEduBlogs.org.uk for a while now, but I use the site every day.

The site got a bit of a face lift today, Robert fixed up my latest effort at design and put it to work.

I started adding a bit of information about the site and how to use it to the ScotEduBlogs Wiki a while ago, but there is a lot more to be done before the current features are adequately explained. I hope to do some more on the Using_ScotsEdublogs page over the Easter break. If you are so inclined you are more than welcome to add to the wiki too.

At the moment the features of the site are already more than many in the ScotsEdu world will use, but as the number of blogs grows and the discussion get more diverse they will be invaluable. It is worth taking a look at the Blogs page where you can filter and sort nearly 300 ScotsEdublogs. The site also creates rss feeds for the list of blogs you filter, so you can make a set of blogs to your liking and then follow them with your RSS reader.

Robert Jones and Peter Liddle have even more sophisticated features in the works (some are documented on scotedublog – Google Code wiki, and should move to the main wiki soon. some are discussed in the scotedublogs_devel Google Group).

A request

  • Visit the wiki, search for your blog if it is not there add it.
  • Check the tags your blog is tagged with, fix them up to your liking.
  • Blog about the site. Add a link to your sidebar, you can pickup a snippet to ad a logo from the wiki Community page.
  • If you like make a better link logo, add that to the wiki.
  • Help out with the wiki, make feature requests, quite often Robert has added a request of mine with in the hour.

The reach of this blog is not far but if you read this pass it on and ScotEduBlogs.org.uk and Scots Educational bloggers will benefit.

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