Doug: Would be interested in you sharing yours, too John

Hi Doug,
My Firefox use is pretty light, so this is not too exciting. I mostly use Safari.

  • 1 Password
  • Facebook Container, not sure how that got there, auto installed?
  • Fraidycat, there is always room for another RSS reader in my life and Kicks Condor has some amazing stuff online
  • Greasemonkey, I think I installed but it was to hard for me to figure out
  • OneNote Clipper, from when I was testing OneNote
  • RSSPreview, newly installed
  • Save Tiddlers
  • Want My RSS
  • Firebug – disabled (I found it too much for my needs)
  • User-Agent Switcher (disabled)

The only ones I am particularly interested in at the moment are the RSS ones, Fraidycat and Save Tiddlers.

Although I’ve got my main TiddlyWiki experiment running on a Raspberry pi using node (look at me!) and usually use Waterfox as the editor I am interested in other ways of using it.

Interestingly I have even fewer extensions in Safari. This is partially due to the way apple controls the extensions you can use and partially due to my preference for klunky homemade things, either JavaScript bookmarklets or AppleScripts. This makes it hard for me to abandon Safari. For a while Chrome was my secondary, now Firefox & Waterfox, I think I might go back to vanilla FF as my number 2 now the RSS works:-) Especially as containers might be useful…

Replied to Microcast #085 — Extensions for Mozilla Firefox (Doug Belshaw's Thought Shrapnel)
In this microcast, I go through my Firefox extensions and the reasons I have them installed.

Hi Doug,
That was interesting, thanks.

I’d moved to Waterfox for my secondary browser when Firefox lost the display of RSS,

I’ve now added the RSSPreview add-on. Glad to get a reminder about Fraidycat too.

sites I take a lot of screenshots. Mostly I use the standard mac keyboard shortcuts or the home + sleep buttons on iOS or less frequently the snipping tool on Windows. These are all covered on How to take a screenshot. I find the mac ones to be the best for general purposes, lots of options at your finger tips.

Occasionally I’ll use other tools:

webkit2png a command line tool if I need to get a lot of webpage screens quickly or to do some automation.

Paparazzi a mac app gets images of full pages including the off screen sections.

Firefox’s Developer Toolbar is a new one to me. The Developer Toolbar gives you command-line access to a number of developer tools from within Firefox. One of the things it does is take screenshots, which can be of full pages. I used it to take this screenshot of the Glow Blogs Sites page (resized for display here).

To use the firefox tool you open the Developer tools (Shift-F2) and this opens a wee box at the bottom of the page where you type commands. For example

screenshot dev-tools.png --fullpage

Will save a png of the full pages into your downloads folder, the file will be named dev-tools.png