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Even better Bill is if we had such conversations from the comfort of our own backyard using bridgy and webmenbtions, rather than someone else’s playground?

An interesting Rabbit hole, Arron is replying to Something Weird is Happening on Twitter Right Now by Bill Ferriter who quotes this Dean Shareski tweet. The twitter thread discuses using twitter for conversation rather than promotion/retweeting/liking. 

This is the problem set out to solve. So far I think it has done so, I’ve had some very good conversations there. There are not likes and retweets on These are mentioned negatively on the thread Dean sparked. make it as easy to post and comment as twitter.

Someone on mentioned the other day that blogging superstars joined but didn’t stick (or words to that effect). Lack of reposts and visible likes makes the platform a bit more democratic.

The only thing I miss on is the communities that exists on twitter. If there was a for educators that would be very interesting.  I’ve some thoughts on how this could happen, but finding it slightly hard to make them into an intelligible post.

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  1. I think Micro.Blog has a lot of positives, my one frustration though is what happens to all the conversations there? Although I can self-host my posts, I have yet to master how to self-host the comments and conversations too?
    It would be interesting if Micro.Blog acted like a Micropub client that created a reply post if I comment on another post?

    • in reply to: @mrkrndvs

      Aaron, So far replies on to my posts there (which start on my blog) are webmentioned back to my post. The missing bit, as you mention, is sending your replies to your own blog as posts. I *think* Manton might be considering that for the future. Some folk do not seem to want to do it so I guess and option would be best.

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