As a huge Google fan, I am disappointed that you will be closing Picnik. It has been a life saver for my creativity, since I don’t know, nor want to learn, Photoshop, to do the amazing things I can do in Picnik. It was simple. User friendly. And education-friendly.

As a middle school teacher, it’s sad to see such a service disappear. I don’t believe there are any other photo editing websites that exist with the ease and the options that students can use, and get professional-looking results.

One of the 1,474 comments (by Evan, no link) on the announcement that picnik is closing and some of the features are being added to google plus.

All the comments I read were negative.

I found picnik useful a few years ago and build it into my flickr CC search toy.
I’ve used if occasionally in schools and build an online ‘glow’ task on its back. As I’ve never paid a penny for it I can’t really complain but it will be missed.

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