Spent the day packing and getting ready to go. My inbox is empty, I uploaded the new episode of Radio Sandaig the Netherlands 2007 blog had a final tweaking and I worked out a fairly horrible kludge to allow the class to publish photos and maybe audio from our phone: Sandaig’s Netherlands Moblog.

Cameras, macbooks, mp3 recorders and other kit has been gathered. I just hope we can find some wifi.

Usually the blogs are posted by the children so this will be a bit different, the children will take photos, video, record some mp3s and type up some notes on the bus, but I think I’ll be the one doing the actual posting unless we can find a very convenient connection (except for the phone stuff). I’d quite like to try to record the trip on google maps but think I’ll leave such cleverness to the children when we get back.

It is a bit weird thinking I may not read a blog or email for a week, it will probably be good for me, but I am not looking forward to my inbox next weekend.

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