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I’ve just got my self a blog at Scran Scribble weblog service.

I finally got hold of my GTC number and joined Scran as a teacher so that I can access all those amazing images at home as well as in school. Scran recently (I think) changed their copyright to allow blogging of their thumbnail images ( an example use on Nicole’s blog ) making this resource even better. I just need the time to dig in and exploit it for my class.

The images on Scran now have a Share link which opens a window and lets you post to a blog, at the moment it only handles scribble and eduspaces blogs automatically but other systems are to follow. The pic on the right is one from Scran following a search for happiness.

Scran blog tool

The great advantage of Scran as an image provider is that it should be accessible in any Scottish school and I can’t imagine it being blocked by any school in the world. The only dissadvantage at the moment is that is is a wee bit tricky for primary pupils to blog images and get the copyright etc right. When we did the children downloaded the images and uploaded them to the Sandaig blog. Scran are working on this, personally I’d like a flickr-like snippet:

The blogs at Scran are elgg powered and it looks like there is a nice community in the making I’ve joined the Blogging for Education and Using Technology in Education groups.

I’ve looked at Scran on and off for a few years now, used it occasionally but this time I am really going to make a big effort to use this wonderful resource that is on my doorstep.

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