Today when teaching the other primary six class ict in the media room we tried a wee experiment, instead of uploading an image and writing text we uploaded an image and recorded a short mp3 about what the children had learned: Black and White Grid Art .

Pivot allows you to upload files and then let the browser open them in a new window.

I though that a flash player embedded in an entry might be a little nicer, so I took an existing Pivot extension snippet Flash and modified it a bit to use a wee flash mp3 player I knocked up previously:

I am not too sure how robust this will be, I can’t really remember my original flash code and modified it in a hurry, the snippet relies on my poor at best php and probably would affront anyone with some php knowledge. I’ve only tested it in Safari so far, I’ll check this on the school pcs tomorrow and would appreciate a comment if you don’t see a flash player in this entry.

But if I can get this to work reliably I’ve got a useful tool which doesn’t require any external services. (I need to make the flash file look a bit nicer too.

All the children will need to do is upload a file and then change this:




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