After watching the video, reading quite a few blog posts, especially Bob’s Sharepoint explanation I’ve having a quick look or three at the portal.

Somewhat limited by the Monday to Thursday school only access, I’ve still not got to grips with it.

There has been some interesting discussion on Ewan’s and John’s blogs.

Kind of boils down to: ‘do we need glow if we have Web 2.0?’ John and Ewan seem to be saying we need both (and a pile of other stuff too).

I am sure they are right (both posts are well worth reading more than once).

The only thing I can really say is that glow feels different than most of the web 2 stuff I’ve played with over the last few years. Glow doesn’t feel playful. I think I might need a manual. I’ve picked up a dozen blogging systems, a handful of wikis, flickr, etc and never felt lost. Glow feels more hierarchical , professional and business like.

It will be interesting to see how this develops, with only so much time available, will both cultures thrive?

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