A week or two ago I set up a new set of blogs, one for each of the children in my class: Primary Six SJ. They are now open for business. We have managed a few posts and some of the children have a fair handle on how it works other don’t yet.

We have our ‘week’ in the media room this week, the class is timetabled for ict for an hour each morning Monday to Thursday, Monday didn’t happen because of a whole school event, Tuesday I bit off more that we could chew asking the children to do far to much. in one session, some confusion resulted. Today we had more success, a simpler task and about half the class finished in time to upload their work to their blogs.

Already some of the class are asking if they can post to their blogs from home, and I’ve told them soon. A bit more discussion and a rule card to take away and then I’ll let them loose. They are also asking about customising their header graphic so we need to work on that too.

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