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“It's really encouraging to see the resourcefulness and support being shared by educators in #GlowBlogs on so many levels - if ever there was a time for #Glow, now is it! #SchoolClosureScotland #GetOnline #Glow”

Might be an interesting, unscientific survey of Scottish education by grabbing screenshots of all the LA home pages.

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#DragonflyChallenge2019 LEARN: FAQ we get ”How do you tell a Dragonfly from a Damselfly?" If they fold wings down thier sides when perched you are watching a Damselfly. If they hold them out straight like the wings of an areoplane it’s a Dragonfly

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Pretty delightful.

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I think I’ve listened to all of the Micro Monday podcasts, which are short podcasts talking to the members of the community. As I’ve enjoyed every episode I was honoured!