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Despite all the pushes to “bring Twitter to the classroom” and calls to have Twitter “replace traditional professional development,” I’m less and less convinced that’s a good idea — or at least, I’m more and more convinced that we should not rely solely on Twitter as the site for online PD or for online educator community. Both can and do exist online — PD and community — but I’d wager the best place to find both remain on educators’ blogs. I wonder if, in fact, “the future of professional development” might be a “return to blogging.”

via Is Twitter the Best Option for Online Professional Development? from the Hack Education blog.

That would be a nice development in 2015. I’ve blogged a lot about twitter and while it continues to be a good tool, I’d go along with the questioning of best. I suspect our professional standards are looking for a bit more depth too?

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  1. Twitter is just the starting point. A place where a new idea or tool is discovered thanks to someone sharing it. It’s up to you whether you follow it up and turn it into a development. Sadly the ephemeral nature of Twitter often means it’s too easy to miss something good. However, when something really good is noticed, it can spread quickly and virally.

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