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The Microsoft OneNote Teacher Academy is a learning path comprising four short courses introducing the use of OneNote in teaching for lesson planning, assessment and activities for learning ... These are my notes taken as I followed the learning path, including the reflection questions and my responses.

I’d pretty much decided to use OneNote path next year. My Previous problems lead me to depend on AirDrop, Apple Classroom & Apple Notes in my 1-2-1 iPad classroom. Local was certainly more reliable but lockdown made me think again. Nick Hood, @cullaloe‘s extensive post give me third thoughts.

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  1. Well I was intending to start again next session, Nick’s post is worrying as sound like the same sort of problems, previously took a while to emerge & many hours to fail to debug despite a lot of help. Not sure if I have alternative if I want to be ready for possibly of blended..

  2. We have found syncing taking longer during remote learning, but mainly that has been down to notebook size and internet stability. Having 70 kids in the notebook lol. Our kids have taken to it pretty easily. I need to find Mac users of OneNote and see how they have found it

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