Bookmarked Degenerative AI in education by Ben Williamson.

But what if, instead of being generative of educational transformations, AI in education proves to be degenerative—deteriorating rather than improving classroom practices, educational relations and wider systems of schooling?

I’ve read this a couple of time, and probably need a couple more.

I guess, like other technologies that have entered the classroom, we are very much in the hands of the powerful. We get the technology we are given. Usually at a low cost, but perhaps at a high price?

As a side note, Jetpack now offers to change the tone of what I write with AI. Here is the humorous rewrite of the previous paragraph:

Oh boy, here we go again! So, like with all these fancy gadgets invading our classrooms, it’s like we’re in the mercy of the almighty powerful people. They just hand us whatever technology they please, usually for a bargain, but are we really getting a steal or selling our souls? I mean, seriously, the price we pay might just be way more than we bargained for! Can’t we get some high-end tech without compromising our wallets and our sanity?

Screenshot of the choices of Tone in jetpacks AI

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