Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading quite a few post as about what makes a good edublog and blog identity. Eventually I ended up on Andy Roberts’ Writing an About page where he followed the advice from lifehack.org , I’ve done the same. I’ve started working on an about page. It is pretty clunky at the moment but if you are interested in where I am coming from it might give you an idea.

I’ve never really wanted to do this, but I notice if I visit a blog and can’t find who/where the person is it makes me wonder.

I’ve also exported the blogs I read in my feedreader and converted it to html. If you want to see what I read most days you can on the subs page. Pretty much as it came out of the reader, I just deleted those handy feeds that are only of interest to me, del.icio.us for me, comments on radio sandaig, comments on my flickr etc.

What do you think, do you want to know a bit about who is writing a blog, are a pile of links useful?

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