I’ve a page with a bigger version:A walk along the canal and you can see this on voicethreads too.

Obviously I’ve been trying out voicethreads which has had a fair amount of linkage on various edublogs.

I’ve only made one show but voicethreads is a very sweet application. Wesley Fryer has a nice post VoiceThread versus BubbleShare comparing this with bubbleshare, voicethreads seems to win.
Briefly voicethreads lets you upload (or grab from flickr) photos and turns them into a pretty slideshow, you can then add audio and text comments and drawings all in your browser (flash). You can title and link your slide to external pages too.
Next you can share your slideshow and viewers can add comments (again audio, text or drawings) the interface is extremely easy to use. Vociethreads call this Group Audio Blogging(GAB).

Even better you can keep the show private and moderate or turn off comments. Even better you can add different identities to a voicethread account without new emails, so everyone in your class can work on the same show adding comments. An identity is just another name and photo/pic (weemee anyone) associated with your account. This process is clearly laid out in the voicethread Classroom.

All in all voicethread looks like a wonderful app for classroom use, to start: whiteboard select photos, individually add audio or text comments; next: groups plan shows take photos, or draw and scan and build show. Children could tell a story, report on a trip, provide instructions for others, explain a concept, report on an experiment etc. etc. etc….

I am looking forward to find out if the voicethreads site gets through our filters and then plan some fun in a week or two.

Please feel free to leave a comment on my voicethread, to try out the comments.


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