Listened 008: Blogging at Scale with Google Sheets from Reclaim Today
Jim and Tim sit down with John Stewart of the University of Oklahoma to discuss a recent solution he blogged about in which he's using Google Spreadsheets and APIs to drive a fast and scalable blogging infrastructure to support a course with 1,000 students.

This was a fun listen. Although I am reasonably committed to having my blogging on my own domain there is something appealing about this.

Reposted WordPress Glasgow on Twitter (Twitter)
“Join us this Saturday at @SouthBlockSpace for a full day of #WordPress #OpenSource Step into the community and join the #Accessibility, #Core - #DataPrivacy & #Gutenberg, #Support, #ThemeReview, #Polyglots and #Marketing teams for a fun day!”

Going to pop along to the morning sessions.

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Replied to INTERTEXTrEVOLUTION by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (
It takes me way too much time to teach students how to share a url from their @wordpress blog and to a specific @wordpress post. Need a little UI love me thinks as the failure rate on first time share is well above 50%.

I wonder if this is a WordPress problem or a problem with URLs in general? The way modern browsers hide information may not help?

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