Since joining I’ve been messing around with my blog and its RSS on and off. I had settled on removing the titles for status post RSS feed. This means short status posts (<280 characters) were passed over to and displayed the whole content there. Longer posts are truncated and linked.

Unfortunately this meant that microblog looks quite ugly sometimes, especially when it posts a truncated indieWeb reaction that includes a quote. So I’ve changed how it works a little to only remove titles from the RSS id there are <280 characters.

This is a status post, so hopefully it will show up on Micro.Blog as a linked title.

Details in this gist: functions that have do with and microblogging that live in my child theme’s functions.php

Before and after display of a post in


8 thoughts on “Titles or Not

    • in reply to: @jgmac1106

      Hi Greg, thanks. I don’t know if it would really help, this is designed to work with my blog the way I’ve got it organised. A mix of Post Formats, Categories and Post kinds. Would at least need some UI and thinking around it. Whis is probably beyond my baby steps WordPress. What is the problem with the bookmark feed? Mine looks ok to me (I just checked in firefox).

  1. @johnjohnston This is interesting. There was a conversation a few months ago about how our general impression was that people wouldn’t click through title-only links as often, preferring to read things in the Timeline, or at least to get a preview/start of the article in the Timeline to provide some context as to whether the article would be interesting to the reader, so I’ll be interested in your thoughts after you’ve done this for a while. (I do agree that the current plain-text-only-and-truncation is not great, but I do like the fact, with normal long status posts (vs the IndieWebified kinds), you do get more of an idea of what’s to come.)

  2. @smokey I was getting bothered by the fact the truncation uses the quoted text rather than my comment or mashed quotes and comments together. After reading your comment I am now wondering if I can keep titles off notes…

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