Hi Aaron,
Thanks, microcasting, at least in the quick and dirty fashion I am using certainly cuts down on the time needed. I am listen to more and more microcasts and less longer form one.

I wonder if you would be interested in trying a slowcast in the style Alan is trying, It’s Out! Episode 1 of The Puerto Rico Connection – CogDogBlog. I think I just invented the word slowcast, but the idea of taking time to think and respond might be attractive?

2 thoughts on “RE: Listening to John Johnston’s Microcast 12: Podcatching Thoughts

  1. Aaron, I finally just made the jump into microcasting myself over the holidays in as low-tech a manner as possible. http://boffosocko.com/category/microcast/
    I’ll have to write up the details, but they’re so scant as to make doing so more like a status update than an article. My advice, think of an idea, pull out your phone and set a 10 minute timer, hit record on the simplest recorder app you’ve got, and go. Post to your site and you’re done. It’s very liberating in comparison to all the grander plans I’d had to do something larger. And even better when you know you’ve only got an audience of one or two, you don’t feel like you’ve spent thousands of hours for such a meager launch!
    I do like John’s idea about a slow-podcast, though I worry that the effort and time may be both painful and take some of the spontaneity and flow out of a conversation. Perhaps stringing together pieces of various microcasts using webmentions into a longer “playlist” of sorts to create a longer podcast could be an interesting idea?

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