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I was working/ playing with primary seven today ( a wee bit of Macrone cover) blogging some poems on the Sandaig Poets blog.

The new posts knocked one of my all time favourite entries bio poem by Kimberley off the front page.

Kimberley’s poem started a great conversation between Kimberley and Carol Fuller (Our The Dream Dragon collaborator and fairy blogmother).

It generated two new poems, one a collaboration between Carol, Kimberley and Kimberley’s Gran! 15 comments in total a great read.

Kimberley’s comments were made from home and her writing was really impressive, at parents night I thanked her Mum for supporting her spelling only to find out that she did not see the comments until after Kimberley had posted them.

I am posting here to keep the poem in mind, but also to solicit comments on the new post over at Sandaig Poets, first blogs for some of our new pupils, leave them a comment and perhaps you could start some magic.

If you do and you’d like me to comment on your classes blog leave me a comment here or add yourself to CommentsForKidz on the scotedublogs.

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