I’ve occasionally dipped my toe into flash (eg Rommy Robot and some here) but not much more than the occasional image gallery, display and the odd experement in the last year or two. I am still really using actionscript 1 and it seems to be at 3.0 now!

But I read the odd flash blog and toaday saw IFBIN via Moock: IFBIN 2.0, hundreds of free, open examples, which has 100s of free examples, I’ve not really dug into them yet, but the way the files are delivered seems interesting, you launch the application and it opens your browsers which load a localhost port http://localhost:5505/flash/:

The IFBIN Service provides code installation, subscription management, and allows one click access to top quality code from the industries best developers. The service designed to provide code security in file verification and code signing. The IFBIN Service will only install files that are signed and verified as authentic.


I am not sure how many Scots-Edu bloggers are interested in flash, except ab but if you are, the price is right, safety seems ensured.

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