Well that is the first week over and it went very well all things considered.
We got a new podcast out yesterday on Radio Sandaig, just a short one, written and recorded in less than an hour. I am hoping to really move the podcast forward this session, but I have yet of figure out where the time will come from. If it was just my class, I would not have a problem, but I want to involve at least the two primary sixes and two primary sevens (we have two classes at most stages this session as opposed to one last session). I also want to minimise the disruption to my colleagues as much as I can.
I have also started my new class blogging, managing at least a post a day. I had forgotten how slowly the children type at the start of the year. The class blogging will I hope keep going at the same sort of rate until we get the ict suite up an running. I am not finding much difference having one computer in the class rather than the two I had last year so hopefully the sacrifice of the other machine to the suite will be worth it.
This session I am sharing one of the two primary sixes with a colleague, and will be carrying out some sort of ict duties in the morning (maybe some non class contact cover too). Next week I hope to get the other primary six and one of the primary seven classes blogging. Only half the classes in the school have computers working in them so far as the new network points are not connected yet. I am still thinking about how to handle an increased number of blog posts.
Away from school I am visiting my poor mum in hospital which is keeping me away from the web: Vienna unread 3144, probably a good thing in many ways. (Mum is slowly recovering from a knee replacement and some complications, now improving steadily).
The most interesting things I have seen are Ewan and Andrew‘s new jobs as LTS ‘New Technologies for Learning Research Practitioners’. (A wonderful job title, I am going a slight green colour) and of course Glow, which looks very intriguing and I wish I had a wee bit more time to blog about it. Maybe launching at the start of term has both advantages and disadvantages?
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