Read: The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne ★★★★☆ Recent social history of gay men in Ireland through the life of one and his unlikely family. Lots of jokes, set pieces and conicidences beyond belief.

Listened Hiking in March 2018 (audio) – Colin Devroe from
Side note: I record tons of these audio bits that I never get around to publishing. They are awesome to look back on regardless if I publish them or not. I need to record a lot more audio.

Listened to this on my commute, I enjoy listening to this sort of very casual microcast with nice outdoors background. I do hope Colin publishes some more.

I am still finding my On This Day page both interesting and useful. Checking old posts with broken images, grabbing the image from and repairing. Not every day but it is quite satisfying to do now and again.