I’ve been making photo grids with maps. Started with AppleScript now playing with JavaScript. Problem is that iOS seems to strip some of the EXIF data from images, but NOT if I edit them, then the full EXIF can be read from local image in safari. Seems bonkers? Way out my depth!

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The IndieWeb is a thing! They’ve got a conference coming up and everything. The New Yorker is even writing about it

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I guess that’s what’s so cool about all this IndieWeb stuff. Like a Progressive Web App, every step you take towards it is useful. The more people that do it, the better it gets for everyone, but it’s useful anyway.

I thought that was rather well put. Every so often, I wonder if my rather casual effort is worth it. The idea that ‘every little counts’ is welcome.

Read: Transcription by Kate Atkinson ★★★★☆ WWII home front spies. Heroine Juliet is engaging & funny. Some nice twists & turns. 📚