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  • Radio #EDUtalk - Branching out
    It was quite a busy week on Radio #EDUtalk on Tuesday David hosted Peter Doran, Chair of the Doran Review, who talked about 'Strategic Review of Learning Provision for Chi
  • Radio Edutalk Progress
    Since the last post ( Show notes without a Show Radio Edutalk episode 2.5 ) we have taken a few more baby steps over at Radio Edutalk . A week ago, I attempted a chat with
  • Radio Edutalk Update
    Radio Edutalk has been up and running for a week or so now. We had our first attempt at a live skype last Wednesday ( archive ). This was not hitch free as I messed up the
  • Radio Edutalk
    Edutalk has now been running for over 2 years, we have published over 300 pieces of educational audio. These vary from TeachMeet recording, through to personal reflection

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