Read: Nightingale by Marina Kemp ★★★★☆
I enjoyed this, absorbing description of seasons in France, reviling characters and story slowly. Slight fall away at the end.

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“#tdc2998 #ds106 Vacation Photos”

#tdc2998 #ds106 Vacation Photos I made a webpage that loads a flickr set and gives the photos a retro look.


You can add your own set too.

CSS adapted from Create a Trendy Retro Photo Effect Purely with CSS. Rotation from JavaScript Rotate | KaisarCode.

A nice lockdown distraction for me.

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“#tdc2997 #ds106 Shuffle and Share”

#tdc2997 #ds106 Shuffle and Share
She is Always Dancing – Neil Young with Crazy Horse
Moussolou – Oumou Sangaré
A Simple Twist of Fate – Joan Baez
Soon After Midnight – Bob Dylan
Music By Numbers – Penguin Cafe Orchestra

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I’ve been looking closer at wikis, online commonplace books, and similar personal/work/lab/research notebooks recently and have come across TiddlyWiki as a useful, simple, but very flexible possibility.
While most of its ecosystem revolves around methods for running the program locally (and often …

I’ve a couple of small tiddlywikis that I am dipping my toes into.
One on raspberry pi using node that I use on home network. The other stored in OneDrive and accessed at home and school using desktop app. The second is simpler.