Read Known issues with Minecraft: Education Edition (Minecraft: Education Edition Support)

While we hope that no bugs slip through into the products we ship, we are a team of humans and inevitably we won’t be able to catch all issues. Here is a list of what we know is out there:
Current …

Unable to open .mcworld files on iOS 1.13

  • Versions Impacted: iPad
  • Workaround: None at this time
  • Status: This is a known issue set to be fixed our patch release est. Jan 29.

from: Known issues with Minecraft: Education Edition – Minecraft: Education Edition Support

I was glad to read this, because I was sure it had worked before.

Read Olive Again by Elizabeth Strout ★★★★★, maybe not quite as great as Olive Kitteridge but still… got better and better as it went on and the last paragraph… 📚

Replied to like: The Benefits of the Copy Stage of Making by Aaron DavisAaron Davis

Thanks for this link Aaron. The idea that creating by copying is not very creative has often weighed on my mind. Especially in activities like coding in my multi-stage classroom, some pupils are mostly copying instructions. This link made me realise/remember the value of copying. Personally in my own creative endeavours I often start there.

Liked Two Display Posts Tricks by Tom Woodward

I’ve been a fan of Display Posts since the days of straight Non-Programistan. Despite the fact that I can write my own stuff from scratch, Display Posts still comes in handy all the time. The following are just two little tricks used in a recent course site. I’m just skimming the surface of the …

Another fan of display-posts-shortcode. My favourite plugin on Glow Blogs.