11 thoughts on “week in microblog 5-1-2019

  1. @johnjohnston Thanks for this, John. Busy end of the week/weekend here, so I am not sure if mine will make it out.

    Also, I had never clicked through to @vasta’s newsletter subscription form before, and I really liked the callout to the local First Nations there. (Which, in turn, makes me sad I never wrote the piece last month on my county’s bicentennial, because I was going to write a bit about that in there.)

  2. @smokey Thanks! I’m doing my best to acknowledge the history of where I am (indigenous or otherwise) in everything I do. It helps me more conscious and caring of the places I am, and reflect just how much I am shaped by place, and how place is shaped by those who came before.

  3. @smokey I haven’t written anything about it before, to be honest. I’m still learning more about a lot of this, so I haven’t coalesced my thoughts, but my best resource is my friend Alexander, who has been teaching me tons. His piece on decolonizing digital spaces is a seminal work I go back to quite often.

  4. @vasta Oh, that is fantastic; thanks so much for sharing, Sameer (and to your friend Alexander for writing it)! Lots to steep in there (and to keep re-reading). My mind started to explode when he linked colonization/colonialism and technology 🙂

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