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  1. John, I assume that you are talking about my inclusion of microformats. I use a fork of the Post Editor Buttons pluginPost Editor Buttons plugin to add these to the text editor. I am sure that someone wiser might do something with Gutenberg, but as a workflow it works for me.

    • Yes, also the comment arrived here looking good, mine get sent including the quote (which you didn’t have on your post as it is a note kind). I am also wondering how your comment got here? I can see any link to my site in the comments. I wonder if this oen will appear on your site? I am going to look at the Buttons fork, but might look at something local too.

      • I wonder John if the reason it did not receive the quote is instead because the u-in-reply link was within the body of the post, rather than the post properties? Always more questions

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